Undergrad Suit Give Away – Wilberforce Alumni

When Brother Cedric “Bear” Tolbert Sr.(Delta Zeta 86’), graduated from college (Central State University), he didn’t have a suit to wear for job interviews. So the Brother told himself he would assist and help others avoid that dilemma. Seven years ago, he teamed up with his son Cedric Tolbert Jr., Brother Oscar T. Robinson (Epsilon Lambda 83’), and began a suit giveaway at Central State University, which continued Tuesday October 4, 2016 at the schools new University Student Center.

Brother “Bear” fitted more than 175 students from CSU, Wilberforce Cedarville, and Wright State. The Brothers of the Wilberforce Alumni Chapter and Xenia Christ Episcopal Church gave a needed hand with the suit collection and distribution. Each young man picked out a suit, or a pair of pants, shirt, and blazer. Brother Bear even helped to ensure the clothes fit properly.

In teaching these young men how to dress for business success Brother Bear says “We’re doing the best we can to donate to the community, and give back. It’s an opportunity to show that we as a community can do great things.

*Photo Credits: Xenia Gazette

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