New ECP Officers

As a result of Brother Darren Jordan’s appointment to Province Polemarch, there have been some changes on the ECP Board we want to make sure you are aware of:

  • Brother Richard Ernest is our new Province Senior Vice Polemarch
  • Brother Brian Webster is our new Province Keeper of Records
  • Brother Imanu Lewis is on the Board of Directors

Please reach out to these brothers and congratulate them on assuming their new roles within our Mighty East Central Province.

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  1. Samuel F. Patterson

    Brother Polemarch,
    I am emailing you to ask you to nominate two brothers in your province that have either a law enforcement, corrections or criminal justice background to serve with the Brothers of the Shield. As you may be aware, these brothers will serve with other brothers from around the country in an effort to protect the fraternity from unlawful/illegal acts against the fraternity, its members or anyone affiliated with us. Our initial responsibility will be to review criminal background checks of any individuals who aspire to become members of our Noble Klan. Specifically, we will review any applicant that is flagged by our vendor charged with the task of checking all persons who apply for membership. There will be additional duties identified as we move forward with the pilot of the Membership Training Academy and you may also have ideas for their use within your province. I look forward to receiving your representatives as soon as possible so that we may get our heads together to plan for the future.
    Yours in the Bond,
    Samuel F. “Pat” Patterson
    Decatur (GA) Alumni Chapter
    Chairman, Brothers of the Shield


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