Memo to the Brothers

Brothers All,

Good morning. I wanted to send out a personal thanks to all of you that participated in the East Central Province Community Service day yesterday. In 4 separate cities, that covered the States in the jurisdiction of the Province, we stood tall and represented Kappa at local Habitat for Humanity projects. Our turnout was outstanding,our commitment was true to the ideals of this Noble Klan and the fellowship was Kappa at its finest.

I salute those of you who got up from your beds and dragged yourselves out to take part in a cause that is much bigger than you. As I often say, “you could have been any place else, but you chose to spend your time working for Kappa and I appreciate that”. As we continue on the never ending journey to build the “small but mighty” East Central Province and make history while doing so, we need everyone.

“We desire to awaken with EACH member high ideals and an unquenchable desire to achieve both in college and in subsequent life”.

Thanks again and continue to achieve.

Yours in the Bond,

Brother Darren “DJ” Jordan, Polemarch
East Central Province

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