Dr. Julian M. Earls 74th Laurel Wreath Recipient

Brothers all,

I don’t have words adequate enough to express my deep and humble appreciation for your kindness, generosity, support, and brotherhood. For you to nominate me for the Laurel Wreath and be present in such numbers for the presentation leaves me in awe of your dedication to a single Kappa brother. In addition, the messages of congratulations I have received from the brothers who could not be present touched me deeply as well.

I sincerely regret being delayed in arriving at the reception. I recognized that you spared no expense in making it a first class reception. The superior food menu and free flowing drinks were outstanding. When I left the stage, my silhouette, Zenobia, and I were swamped with members of the audience approaching us with congratulatory statements and requests for us to pose with them for photographs. I had no graceful way to deny their requests even though I wished quickly to get to the outstanding reception. Finally I was able to make my way towards the reception. A few of my guests required assistance and it took some time to to get there. So I ask for your understanding and forgiveness.

When I did arrive I was virtually reduced to tears by the overwhelming embrace from my Kappa brothers and their guests. Never have I been more humbled and felt more connected to you. Last night it was like all of you were my “line brothers” in that my feelings were those of the special bonds that emanate from crossing the burning sands with each other.

To quote from the preachers of old ” Were that I had ten thousand tongues I could not thank you enough.” Please convey my inadequate but heartfelt appreciation to Kappas from other chapters and provinces who contributed to the support and success of the outstanding reception. Please accept this message in the spirit of our eternal brotherhood.


Brother Earls

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