Delta Zeta is Back

On Friday October 28, 2016 The Delta Zeta of Kappa Alpha Psi welcomed 20 New Members into this Bond after a 4 year hiatus from the campus. Due to the work of Brother Polemarch Branch (DZ 85) and Chapter Advisor Cedric “Bear” Tolbert (DZ 86) of the Wilberforce Alumni Chapter, Kappa is once again a  presence on the campus and University President Cynthia Hammond, freshly back into the United States  from a trip to Nigeria, yet still found the time to witness the new member presentation of “The Talented  20” aka K.S.T.D. (Kappa Ship Twenty Deep).

The New Brothers Are:

1. Jaylin Crockrom
2. Christopher Mack
3. Joshua Jackson
4. Justin Mosley
5. Tyrone Robinson
6. Lindley Reid
7. William Isabel
8. Sterling Gilmore
9. Blake Wells
10. Ishmail Smith‐Everett
11. Najee Smith
12. Romario McKenzie
13. Trenton Barnes
14. Marcus Martin
15. Jordan Shores
16. Robert Shelly
17. Darin Gooch
18. Jeremy Brown
19. Hosie Smith
20. Robert Konteh

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