Delta Zeta – Flint Michigan Water Drive

The Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Delta Zeta Chapter teamed with the Central State University student organization F.C.L.A (Family Community Leadership in Action) and not only collected but also delivered over 1500 cases of water for the city of Flint, Michigan. Like much of our nation they were shocked and understood that the city is still struggling from cost-cutting measures that led to tainted drinking water that contained lead and other toxins.

According to a class-action lawsuit, the state Department of Environmental Quality was not treating the Flint River water with an anti-corrosive agent, in violation of federal law. The river water was found to be 19 times more corrosive than water from Detroit, which was from Lake Huron, according to a study by Virginia Tech. Since the water wasn’t properly treated, lead from aging service lines to homes began leaching into the Flint water supply after the city tapped into the Flint River as its main water source.

The Brothers of the Delta Zeta Chapter are appalled at this disaster but have not forgotten. They want to let the people of Flint, Michigan know that they are always here to help. This is an effort that will not stop until the problem is fixed. They look forward to building and maintaining awareness of this on-going tragedy and inspiring service in the public’s interest.

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