Cincinnati Kappas: Marching to Fight Infant Mortality

Led by officials from The Center for Closing the Health Gap, and Cradle Cincinnati, residents of Mt. Auburn and Walnut Hills marched through their communities Saturday, September 12, to bring awareness to a serious problem in Cincinnati…the high infant mortality death rate.

“Infant mortality is a complex issue – this we know,” said Dwight Tillery, president and CEO of The Center for Closing the Health Gap. “We also know that infant mortality cannot e eliminated through medical interventions alone. Our health, and the health of moms and babies, is affected by our community – where we live, work and play. It’s these communities than can help reinforce healthy behaviors outside the doctor’s office while breaking down the barriers to living healthy.

The Center for Closing he Gap Is working with two such neighborhoods – Mt Auburn and Walnut Hills – to create sustainable change in support of moms and babies, Tillery said. How are they doing this? By having the communities themselves take the lead. Community members know the ins and outs of their neighborhood, and they can quickly and easily identify barriers to and solutions for better health.

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