A Message from the Province Polemarch

Now that the dust has settled and bruised egos can begin to mend, we can get back to those things that are most important. We can begin in “The Restoration of Kappa.”

Philadelphia was a different beast, with a different feel and it was the beginning of change. But what has not changed is the climate of Racism that exists in our country. Over the past week we have seen a series of senseless killings, each provoked by Anger, Hatred and Racism.

Brothers, it is OK for us to disagree, for there is merit in the voices of all. It is OK for us to be different, for it was the purpose of our creator to make all things different. But it is never OK to Hate! The foundation of love begins in the home. We often disagree and we share many differences, but in our home there is only One Kappa!!!

Take the time to love one another!!!


Darren “DJ” Jordan
East Central Province Polemarch

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